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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How much is Christmas ??

It is the 3th December and I just came from the shopping and I am shocked to see how full it was. 
It´s sad to see that people still believe that happiness, good will, Love or even the Christmas spirit is somewhere inside a shop with a price label on it ...
Aren´t we all tired of spending money on disposable stuff and getting gifts that don´t mean a thing and still have to smile and thank them ?
Who never felt that a hug, a kiss, or simply hearing or reading the words "I love you, I need you or I am sorry" would be much better than a pen, a sweater or a box of chocolates ?
Isn´t it time to stop and realize that this "kind" of Christmas is nothing like what the real Christmas should be about?
It was even sadder to see that the people in the shopping looked lost because their soul doesn't want to be there, worried if people are going to like the stuff they are buying, guilty to spend so much money on stupid stuff and not use it as they would like to.
We got all stuck to the idea that we have to do this, we have to buy something, after all it is family and who knows this year I get something great ... bla bla bla ...
What kind of Christmas is the next generation is going to have if we don´t change some things now ? 
So here are 2 or 3 ideas that I am sure will make some Christmas very different.

Why don´t we just offer a hand made little something to hang on the Christmas tree so that we can remember each year who gave us each ornament? We are all talking about energy so can you imagine the love, good intention you are putting in the ornament ? and children will love to do this... or why don´t you spend a day in the kitchen with the kids looking for a cookies recipe that  finally works for you and offer those "great" cookies inside a little jar ... or simply just write a simple Christmas card telling a story about why is that person so important to you ... remember, children do this easy .... these are all simple ways to give away what is really important to all of us ... Love
If Christmas is all becoming about buying stuff, can you imagine how do children feel when they don´t have money to buy us stuff ? 
Christmas is about being not about having ... we all know that ! 
So why don´t we act like it ??

Anyway Christmas is also about hopping ... so I am hoping that someday we will enjoy the real Christmas Spirit and leave the Shopping to what is really important there; food !!!
I wish you all a wonderful season filled with Love, Light and Peace

Merry Christmas to you all

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