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Thursday, December 25, 2008


You are a symbol of light in the world. What is light you often ask? Light represents knowledge, compassion, creation, flow, freedom, personal power, joy, wonders, happiness. It is ultimately the emanation of the inner living soul Self within you, also the domain where channeled information comes readily- the light body, the energetic force that flows so quickly it shines. However, the light body is not so much as a physical \'body\' as you may try to visualize. It is more than you can imagine with your current understanding.

As Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Wayshowers, you already have the qualities of light active within you. As a beacon of light in the world, the purpose that you chose is to utilize your own light to steer the \'sheeples\' away from dangers within the realms of darkness and ignorance, and show them the good way towards the way of the light within them.

You stand within your present materialistic reality, a social construct founded not from the soul, but from desires that come from a physical reality, far from a spiritual construct that can sustain your inner light body. Such a materialistic reality is constructed by empty brittle shells of disillusionment and empty promises ready to break and shatter into pieces. How can anyone find meaning, joy and happiness living in such a make-belief reality? It may keep the physical body rich and alive but causes the spirit body within to suffer from a spiritual famine.

An empty and meaningless life is superficial, constructed by desires that lack the sustenance to fuel the light of the spirit and has kept many in dis-illuminating starvation.

The vision of seeking fulfillment in a materialistic world still remains desperately in the minds of many. Yet, there is a choice between the two presented. Do you still wish to sustain the empty materialistic shells in your reality? Or, do you wish to find the sustenance to nourish the living light that is within you?

As Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Wayshowers, you have the good ability to uncover the sustenance for people who wish to brighten their dim light, for you can readily show them the Way of how you light your own light. You can lead them from a superficial emptiness back to their rich life and light body within, which is like a candle only waiting to be found and lit.

There are those who wish to keep the truth dim and light body dead, for themselves and for others. Some may not realize what they are doing but ultimately such unknowing is the true nature of who they are. The strength of people\'s light and nature within are tested for their truthfulness when they encounter such dimmers of the truth.

There IS(Inner Self) much inner discovery to be done. Those who walk the path towards their undiscovered Selves with their new found light to show the way will find out who they truly are, since they are truly AM(All Mighty).

Timothy Tang

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  1. Such a beautiful, soothing and inspiring blog you have, Veracorreia. I really enjoyed reading this channeled post. In fact, for some reason it has brought tears to my eyes because it has taken a load off of my heart, and reminded me of the truth I know within but hardly see in the world. Thank you and Love and Light to you!


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