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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Superficiality And Superiority Vs. True Spirituality In Ascension

Know Thyself and Return to Soul: Way of True Ascension and Enlightenment

The very essence of a person lies in perception. How a person perceives Reality affects how he/she reacts to it. It is perception that will be gauged for the suitability of a person to ascend to a high dimension, or remain in a low dimension.

Low vibrations can only support superficial perception and understanding. It lacks the ability to carry high complex levels of information to perceive and to transmit.

People with low vibration are superficial in their perception and understanding since they are unable to handle high complex levels of information from Reality. Their levels of perception are still beneath the level needed to understand the workings of the present dimension and the ways to subdue it. They are absorbed in much negativity that comes from being trapped in restrictions that they cannot liberate themselves from.

Being spiritual is to be aware of spirit or the essence of things. Being superficial is the opposite of being spiritual, it is to perceive Reality at surface value. A superficial person is therefore dense of what goes on beneath the surface of things.

A spiritual person is able to perceive the levels of Reality thoroughly from the surface to the roots. Such a person has inner substance and wisdom, rather than being empty on the inside. A spiritual person is able to create much positivity and liberation by controlling Reality to create flow and freedom of Self.

A good understanding of the nature of the present dimension would prove that one has gained understanding and wisdom that comes from an advanced perception, and has proven ready to ascend to a higher information-processing dimension.

Aligning oneself with the higher vibrations of the Higher Self is the way to raise the level of perception.

In order to understand and gain knowledge of the nature of Reality, the soul intelligence has to accept that the various natures of Reality both good and bad, are in fact reflections of various parts of Self and the Higher Self. The time taken for the soul intelligence to gain a sufficient enlightenment of Reality and of Self depends on its willingness to 'lower' itself from its heightened Ego, and accept this 'inferiority' it shares with the nature of Reality in the current dimension it resides. The Self will always be separated from understanding the nature of Reality and its Higher Self unless it can end its own false superiority complex that separates itself from them.

It is through this acceptance of Reality-Self commonality that one can truly come to terms with false preconceived notions of Reality and the Self created by the Self, and gain the perception to realize their true nature.

By gaining the understanding and closure to give up the ignorance and desires of the highly Self-assumed ego that do not truly satisfy the spirit, the spirit would then gain the new capacity to integrate to new understanding and needs that can provide true liberation.

The way of Ascension is to be 'spiritual' in the truest sense of the word, by realizing the true spirit of Reality and the Self. Such a dual understanding will align the Self and return it to the Higher Self and its higher vibrations. Such is the Self's raising of perception and vibration in the Ascension journey.

Copied from Know Thyself and Return to Soul: Way of True Ascension and Enlightenment (facebook group)

Timothy Tang

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