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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nice text by Tony Samara ..

"As you mention, we cannot DO anything to reach that which we call enlightenment. There are many people at this time who are deeply seeking in a conscious way the deeper aspects of the journey that we all have to undertake. A journey that is more conscious of our actions and purpose here in life.

We are all seekers even if we dont realise this and I believe that out of this seeking there are people that because of their practice and understanding of their journey are well suited to make it easier for others to understand the traps and distractions that often overwhelm us so as to forget our focus and remain attached to the practicalities of every day life.

One of the things that our culture clouds is that the within is often a reflection of the outside and so going within is just as much a distraction as going out and trying to obtain answers from a person outside or a place. My teaching is not inside or outside but rather being in this present moment. Being real to what is going on as your experience. Otherwise the journey becomes very crazy.

As we go within we find all sorts of aspects of ourselves that are helpful but in the end do not answer the depth of the questions that the heart needs to realise and sometimes even become a kind of preoccupation with oneself.

It is the same with reading books or moving to different places. Knowledge is not in those places or in the books but rather in your understanding. Listening to teachers, going to conferences, seminars or events is what many people do and it is interesting to do this but in the end unless you understand then it is information without meaning. This is where a true teacher whether the teacher uses many words or a few words is able to bring deeper clarity to this information so that the information touches your heart rather than the intellect or other parts of yourself. The heart is the gateway to what it means to be in this present moment. I am not speaking about an emotional aspect of yourself but rather the part that knows. The part that is the deeper essence of who you are.

I do believe that working with a teacher is an essential tool that is frowned upon in the west due to the individualism that we over-value.

We are all one and there is nothing that is separate from this oneness except the intellect that likes to create boxes for us to fit in so that we can understand the world and have some sort of dominion over it. The heart understands that true understanding comes from union rather than differences or dominion.

What we are meant to give up is not our essence but rather what prevents this essence from blossoming. 

The source is within this knowledge. 

I believe that what we seek can only be found once the heart opens to the mystical truth that is contained in opening our hearts to the deepest love that is our essence rather than what the mind projects as reality. 



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