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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing is by chance

"Nothing is by chance.  There is a perfect pattern and plan running through the whole life, and you're part of that wholeness and therefore part of that perfect pattern & plan.  When you see strange things happening in your life and wonder why they should happen to you, take time to see how it all fits in, and you will see a reason for everything.  The reason may not be always what you expected, but nevertheless be willing to accept them and to learn by them, and do not fight against them.  Life should be effortless.  A flower does not struggle to unfold in the rays of the sun, so why should you struggle to unfold in the rays of My limitless love? If you do, it's your own doing, and it is not part of My perfect pattern and plan your.  Simplicity is My hallmark, so keep life simple.  Keep in constant contact with me and watch yourself unfold in My love." 
Eileen Caddy

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