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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Follow this ...

1. Enjoy your life and use it to be a better person.
2. Do whatever you feel like, but respect the feelings of others.
3. Respect your dreams as long as they respect others
4. Respect everything and everyone you come across.
5. Always remember to ask God’s help.
6. Don't color everything with black and white, think gray.
7. Look for beauty and goodness in everyone you meet.
8. Treat other's the way you want to be treated.
9. Don't take things so serious, be more relaxed!
10. Spend more time alone and love yourself.
11. If you feel like crying, cry for it is a beautiful way of expressing yourself
12. Dance with you eyes closed and feel the rhythm that comes threw you.
13. Do what you heart asks you to !
14. Listen more than you speak, for listening will teach you more than speaking.
15. Do everything you do totally, for the full 100%!
16. Be aware of your thinking and know it can manifest in the future.
17. Take things slow and take the time for it.
18. Sleep when you feel tired and eat when you are hungry.
19. Don't watch television and do not read newspapers for they are not the reality
20. Don’t hurt anybody. In the future they will hurt you.
21. The past does not exist neither does the future... the present moment is all that counts.
22. Don't feel sorry for yourself, love yourself!
23. Everybody is enlightened but are too ignorant to see it.
24. To be happy is to be content with everything.
25. Be happy and be loving.
26. Jump and laugh out loud in happiness!
27. Thank God for all you have!
28. Learn how to say I love you, I need you and I’m sorry
29. Love all...
30. Love yourself!

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